Welcome to our local hub for Bocce Ball enthusiasts. I’m a lifelong Bocce ball lover, and I created this website to serve as a newsboard for the small (but growing) number of people that we’ve been able to bring together over the last twenty years or so. Our club is small, but we have some great lanes and a good mix of players of all ages.

Announcement: Helping Club Members with Eyecare Expenses

This was previously posted in our other message board, but I’m moving it to the home page because it generated so much interest. To those I have already spoken to about this: We are starting to put a real plan in place and we’ve found people who may be willing to help out or donate. For those who haven’t heard about this yet, the full original announcement is below:

Hey everyone! I want to talk to you about something very important today. As you may be aware, there are a lot of elderly people in our local club. Really, it’s thanks to these people that we have a club at all because they’re the group of people who were keeping the sport alive before we purchased the building we use for our club. A lot of them were members of the previous club that was in town before it closed, so they were the “regulars” who made it possible for us to grow and start attracting new people.

You all may have noticed that some of these regulars are not coming around as often as they used to. Several of them are otherwise pretty healthy people who should still be expecting to play Bocce for many years to come. It’s come to my attention that some of our members have stopped attending because they are having eye issues that make it difficult to them to play. More specifically, they have stopped coming because they cannot afford to update their glasses prescriptions.

This is an issue related to fixed incomes. We all know that this isn’t the wealthiest community in the world, and it’s normal for the elderly especially to choose not to take on expenses like this, but I say that we, as a club, can and should be doing better for them.

I have started taking donations to help out those members who are no longer able to handle their prescriptions. Many donations have been made already, and I want to thank Winters and Yonker for their continued support throughout the years we have been operational.